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Crocheted beanies with flower decoration |

Cute crocheted beanies

As usual, it has been rather cold and wet in Cape Town this winter! The need for warm clothes and accessories, and the love of crocheting, of course, lead me to search for an easy, yet nice beanie pattern that I could use to make a cute beanie to keep my head warm. In this […]

Crocheted broomstick lace bracelets | re(art)

Crocheted broomstick lace bracelets

I recently came across a really lovely crochet stitch called Broomstick Lace and when I saw pictures of how this stitch can be used to make bracelets, I had to give it a try… These bracelets are so satisfying to make and they look great on! [Side note: This blog records the goings on of […]

Lovely lacey earring hanger by Jade of Re(art)iculated

Lovely lacey earring hangers

As promised, here’s the first post of one of the projects I’ve been keeping myself busy with while I wait for Re(art)iculated to get off the ground… [Side note: This blog records the goings on of the initiative, Re(art)iculated. To find out more about Re(art)iculated, read this blog’s first post and go to the About […]

Red hot compter circuit board dangle earrings by CLONEHARDWARE

What shall I make of this?

Earrings such as these (by CLONEHARDWARE) were to me the gateway into the world of upcycling, repurposing and endless, clever, exciting possibilities. I seem to have an inherent desire to make things, especially useful, pretty and clever things…but often anything will do. Even just knitting a small block of a pattern I haven’t tried before. […]