What shall I make of this?

Earrings such as these (by CLONEHARDWARE) were to me the gateway into the world of upcycling, repurposing and endless, clever, exciting possibilities.

Red hot compter circuit board dangle earrings by CLONEHARDWARE

I seem to have an inherent desire to make things, especially useful, pretty and clever things…but often anything will do. Even just knitting a small block of a pattern I haven’t tried before. The process of figuring out how to do something, actually doing it and then seeing the result is  priceless…even if I have to restart it numerous times and then end up taking it apart afterwards. For me, I think it’s the potential for something great that keeps me going. And if I actually make something I love, I am super stoked! Ask my husband, I stand back and delight in my gorgeous creations Sometimes he doesn’t share my admiration, but I don’t care anymore. If I love it, why can’t I enjoy it? Also, I always tell myself, and my husband, “Surely someone else in the human population is bound to like it too?” I don’t think I’m that eccentric (…friends, not family, feedback please :P). Anyway, he’s a boy, so what does he know? Okay, yes, he’s a really good painter and has a good eye for composition, etc…but he’s still a boy and doesn’t get how satisfying a pair of earrings or a bracelet can be. So sad…

Okay, so after years of pushing the desire to create to the fringes of my life, keeping my precious beads, material and wool stowed away in the spare room cupboard, hardly ever to be seen (let alone touched), I have instead decided to embrace the desire with arms wide open! What a relief! Life’s too short to spend all your time doing the things you think you SHOULD be doing (based on what others think)…I want to spend it doing what I was CREATED to do! The realisation that maybe, just maybe, seen as this desire was there from an early age and has never gone away, could it be that I have this desire for a reason (not just to have something to do while watching TV or procrastinating from work)?

So then I say to myself, “But you can’t just spend your days diddling away your time making cute thingies for no reason…no matter how much you enjoy it”. Well, I wouldn’t dream of it!  There are so many pressing issues that need to be addressed in our society…and I want to be a part of addressing some of them. At the very least I’d like to play a part in helping the struggling people around me. (There is such a kick to be gotten out of seeing how God can and does use  each person to build into the lives of others.) Aha, the hamster on the wheel that is my brain woke up and started disturbing the inertia of the wheel with all its falling about. Stumbling at first and then walking slowly, yet steadily (the hamster hasn’t quite gotten into a jog yet), thoughts of merging the desire to make things and to help others into a productive and satisfying initiative, were generated (by the energy generated by the hamster wheel in my brain, of course).

The metaphorical hamster in my head

To make a long story short (that hamster was just chilling along at a slug’s pace for quite a while), the initiative, Re(art)iculated (see the About page for more details), was thought up, chewed on for quite some time and will be attempted with as much gusto as the old hamster can muster. The wheel will no doubt end up taking him along for the ride in the end, so I’m not letting his lack of stamina worry me, and neither should you.

Although I’m over the moon excited to get this show off the road, I’ve had to be patient as things are put into place. I have literally not had the space to start this initiative yet. You should see how chock-a-block our spare room cupboard is with all sorts of things I have been saving from the fate of the rubbish bin…I just found out lately about all their aspirations, and now I can’t bring myself to quashing them. Not to worry, though, very soon I will have tons of space and will be able to let those overlooked treasures out of the cupboard and onto the craft table, where they will be transformed into new creations! I can’t wait!…well, technically I have to, but I wish I didn’t…

So, for your enjoyment, I will be taking you along on my journey by blogging about it here. Please don’t kick and scream too much, you’ll just tire yourself out and then you won’t be able to enjoy the ride. Rather, just take the easy (and smart) route and sign up to receive my blog’s updates 😛 You can also visit or follow my Upcycle Ideas board on Pinterest, if you’re interested in that side of things. If you think someone else might find this blog/post interesting, please don’t hesitate to hit the share buttons below to share this with your friends/followers on Pinterest or other social media.

To sign off my very first blog post EVER, I will leave you with what you can look forward to in future posts. I will start off by sharing details (with the best pictures this ammature photographer can take) of all sorts of stunning projects I have been keeping myself busy with while I wait for liftoff, I will also give updates of the goings on in the life of Re(art)iculated, later on I will share details of the many projects that will be tackled by the Re(art)iculated team (as of yet, still unknown), and you will hear about the social and environmental aspect of the initiative, and more!

Trust me, it’s going to be fun and inspiring…

Note: The cute hamster photo is by Flickr user JDAC


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