Lovely lacey earring hangers

As promised, here’s the first post of one of the projects I’ve been keeping myself busy with while I wait for Re(art)iculated to get off the ground…

[Side note: This blog records the goings on of the initiative, Re(art)iculated. To find out more about Re(art)iculated, read this blog’s first post and go to the About page.]

I absolutely love the results of this earring hanger project. Not only are my earrings untangled, organised  and easy to get to, but they are displayed to make a pretty decoration in my bedroom!

Lovely lacey earring hanger |

Here is the first hanger I made and then promptly claimed for my bedroom. I have since made a few more…all slightly different, yet all just as lovely.

Lovely lacey earring hanger |

All you need to make such a hanger is:

  • Chipboard, which you can buy really cheaply. I bought a piece for R20 at builders warehouse, which my husband cut into strips to make 7 boards (he wanted to try out his new jigsaw, but you can always get the guys at Builder’s Warehouse to cut it for you instead).
  • Lace, in whichever colour and pattern you prefer.
  • Wood glue.
  • A focal point decoration or as many as you want of whatever kind you like. Take a look below at the different decorations I used (such as the toilet paper and magazine flowers or the white woolen hearts or fabric flowers), if you’d like some ideas.
  • Paint if you prefer not to have the natural chipboard colour

Paint the board (if preferred) and cut lace strips of the desired length, leaving at least 2 cm on either side to wrap around the edges. Glue the lace and other decorations on (make sure you wrap the lace around the edges of the board and only glue the lace at the sides, top edges and back of the board, otherwise your earrings can’t go through the holes at the bottom) and once the glue has dried (it will dry transparent, don’t worry), hang you earrings! Easy as pie!

These are some examples of focal point decorations I made…to get your creative juices flowing. If you like one of these ideas, but don’t know how to make it, Google it, there are lots of really good tutorials online.

Combined toilet roll and magazine paper |

Lavender earring board with lace and blue fabric flower |

Green board with crocheted woolen flower with button centre |

Natural board with lacey flower on black and white lace |

Green board with white crocheted woolen hearts |

Lavender board with crocheted woolen flower with button centre |

I hope you have as much fun as I do making and enjoying these!



  1. What a perfect idea! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Amanda Jo, for writing the first comment on my blog! And for being so encouraging!

  2. thebeadden · · Reply

    Oh, so clever! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love these – great idea!

    1. Thanks, Knitnrun4sanity Mum!

  4. This is pretty! Question though, do you lean it against something, or hang it on the wall somehow?

    1. It works fine leaning against something, but I put a small triangle picture frame hanger on the back so that it can hang on a hilty nail.

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