Crocheted broomstick lace bracelets

I recently came across a really lovely crochet stitch called Broomstick Lace and when I saw pictures of how this stitch can be used to make bracelets, I had to give it a try…

These bracelets are so satisfying to make and they look great on!

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Crocheted broomstick lace bracelets | re(art)

I used a large wooden knitting needle as the ‘broomstick’, a size 7 crochet hook (shown in the picture above) and some random wool I had lying around, to make the bracelets. You can use any yarn, as I did, but I suggest using dense thread for even better results.

I used Cult of Crochet’s tutorial (with lots of pictures) to make the bracelets shown in this post, but I have since found the instructions by Lion Brand Yarn for broomstick lace to be a little bit easier to use.  The most important part of making these bracelets look good (I think) is to choose buttons that are attractive and complement the colour of the wool.

Crocheted broomstick lace bracelet |

I adapted Cult of Crochet’s pattern a bit for this second bracelet by only chaining 10 in Step 1.

Blue crocheted broomstick lace bracelet |

Broomstick lace is so much fun and this project is perfect for a first try.

Give it a go, you’ll love it!

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  1. How weird! I went to a second hand book stall and found a book entitled broomstick crochet. It is quite old (early 1980’s) with some odd projects ( a bed jacket anyone?) but I bought it thinking that I would be able to adapt something in it! I love the idea of the bracelets. Thanks so much for sharing! Good luck with your blog – read and comment is the best advice I can give!

    1. It was meant to be! Thanks for the advice!

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