Cute crocheted beanies

As usual, it has been rather cold and wet in Cape Town this winter!

The need for warm clothes and accessories, and the love of crocheting, of course, lead me to search for an easy, yet nice beanie pattern that I could use to make a cute beanie to keep my head warm. In this post, I share the results of this search so that others wanting to take on such a project can easily get started.

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Crocheted beanies with flower decorations |

After much searching and wading through patterns that were just too complicated, I came across Mary’s pattern on her blog, Crocheting the Day Away. Her pattern actually seemed easy enough and I liked how she added a flower to her hats to make them cute and feminine.

So, I got started on my first beanie…

In order to follow the pattern, I had to brush-up on/learn some crochet stitches, which was luckily made very easy by Google (as we all know, one can find a tutorial on just about anything, no matter how basic, using a basic Google search!).

Once the hat was done, I had to figure out how I was going to make the flower as Mary was not able to share the pattern she used for hers.

Not to worry, I found a tutorial for crocheting a simple flower on Scrapbook & Cards TODAY Magazine’s website, which was so easy to make and looked great! It takes less than 10 minutes to make a flower once you know the stitches!

I was so chuffed with my first beanie that I decided I would make a few more when watching series with my husband…(I just love multitasking while watching series or movies!).

Above and below are pictures of some of the beanies I made.

I’ve already given one of the beanies I made to a friend as a birthday gift. She seemed to like it 🙂

Cute crocheted beanies with flower decorations |

I definitely recommend this project if you’re new to the awesome art of crochet!

If you’d like to see other projects I like involving knitting, crochet or any kind of yarn, have a look at my Woolie Ideas Pinterest Board. You might find another project you’d like to tackle.



  1. Great hats! You certainly have been busy and yes, I agree, the flowers really finish them off well. I particularly like the variegated one.

    1. Thanks! They are very rewarding to make…and to wear!

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