Lovely lacey earring hangers…at the market tomorrow!

This Saturday (13 Oct), 6 of my lovely lacey earring hangers (featured in one of my previous posts) will be sold at the Rondebosch Craft Market!

They will be sold by my wonderful friend, Dee, who has a table for her gorgeous “Cute as a Button” products.

Details about the market can be found here.

[Side note: This blog records the goings on of the initiative, Re(art)iculated. To find out more about Re(art)iculated, read this blog’s first post and go to the About page.]

As an experiment, I built frames onto 3 of the hangers. Here’s an example of what that looks like.

Lovely lacey earring hanger with a frame |

There will also be an additional hanger that was not shown in the previous post. This one has lots of buttons and ribbon!

Lovely lacey earring hanger with buttons and ribbon |

Don’t you love the detail at the bottom of this one?

Lovely lacey earring hanger with buttons and ribbon...cute detail at the bottom |

So, will we see you at the market tomorrow?

It’s going to be a great day outside…

There will be lots of pretty things…

Sorry to all those not in Cape Town…wish you could join us!



  1. I love how the lace offers a new different and unique way to show off your jewelry. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! It is so easy to make things look nice with lace 🙂

  2. I really, really love this. I have seen it before and really want one.

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