Want a unique and useful gift for someone of the fairer sex?

This beer bottle earring hanger is likely to be a hit!

Beer bottle earring hanger 1 |

Beer bottle earring hanger 2 |

Beer bottle earring hanger 3 |

Beer bottle earring hanger 4 |

To try making one yourself, follow the instructions below.


[Side note: This blog records the goings on of the initiative, Re(art)iculated. To find out more about Re(art)iculated, read this blog’s first post and go to the About page.]


You’ll need:

  • an empty and clean beer bottle
  • some masking tape
  • wood glue (probably works best)
  • string (I used rustic string that has loose bits, but you could probably use normal string too)
  • some pretty lace (enough to wrap around the bottle and overlap a bit)
  • a pretty button or any other decoration(s) you fancy

First, tape masking tape from the top to the bottom of the bottle (but not going over the lip at the top or base at the bottom). Do this four times or more around the bottle.

Starting at the top, alternate in putting glue on the strips of tape and wrapping the string around the bottle (if you put glue all the way down the tape it will dry before you get to wrapping the string around). Make sure you hold the string where you first started until it is stuck well. If your piece of string was too short, it works fine to start with a new one where you left off. Just make sure you hold the starting piece on the bottle until it is stuck properly.

When you get towards the bottom, you might want to put masking tape with glue all the way around the bottle to make sure the string won’t come loose. Stop wrapping string at the base of the bottle. You will have to hold the string at the end for a while until it is stuck properly.

If you used rustic string like mine that has bits sticking out, use scissors to cut the loose bits off.

Cut a piece of lace that is long enough to wrap around the bottle and overlap by about 1cm. Glue the lace to the wrapped bottle, making sure the overlapping pieces are glued down properly.

Glue a button or a decoration of your choice over the point where the lace overlapped.

And that is that! Enjoy your beautiful (and ‘green’) creation!


One comment

  1. Brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing.

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