Re(art)iculated is an initiative that is yet to be started, but it is sure to inspire and uplift many once it gets off the ground.

The initiative will initially be aimed at accomplishing three main goals:

  • providing a source of income and a stepping-stone to better things for a few struggling individuals (especially keen craftsman)
  • encouraging recycling and the concept of being environmentally friendly in the community in which the initiative will be based, Observatory in Cape Town
  • promoting social cohesion in the community of Observatory

More specifically:

The idea is that the community will be encouraged to get involved in donating all manner of non-perishable household waste (plastic containers, cardboard, paper, glass, etc ) to the initiative. These items will be cleaned (if necessary) and re-purposed into products that are useful and attractive and sold via appropriate means to the greater Cape Town community.

For those of you wondering, “why Re(art)iculated?” I will be explaining the thought behind the name, Re(art)iculated, at a later stage. Either just here or perhaps as a separate post…we shall see.


I (Jade Hotchkiss) have loved making things ever since I can remember. Doll clothes, garden twig wall art and beaded jewellery are a few of the things I created as a child. In addition to loving crafts, I also love helping people. I am always amazed at how a simple gesture can often make the world of a difference to someone else. I delight in seeing someone else excited and filled with hope for a better life and if there’s any way I can be part of making that happen, I’m there like a bear! To merge these two passions of mine, the idea of Re(art)iculated was birthed. Working on my Masters in Bioinformatics (which I love because it also involves a lot of creativity, just more in the biology and programming fields) while trying to get this initiative off the ground is going to be challenging, but I am up for the challenge (and I trust it will be by God’s grace anyway, as he is the true initiator)!

Me watching a beautiful sunset on the Greek island of Santorini



  1. Felicity Corin · · Reply

    Hi Jade, well see how little I know about you, this concept sounds awesome and am sure you will succeed. If you need any ideas of whatever from me please let me know would be very keen to assist. Wishing you all the best. From Felicity

    1. Thanks, Felicity! I definitely am keen to get interested people involved. Please email me about yourself (expertise/interests) so that I have a better idea of what you might be able to assist with. Thanks again!

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